What are your Minimums?

squeegee-icon*Our order minimum is a dozen but we recommend getting at least 24 or more to get the best deal.

Can I mix sizes, shirt colors, and shirt styles?

squeegee-icon*Yes, you can mix and match whatever you’d like.

How many colors can we print on each side?

squeegee-icon*We have the ability to print up to 6 colors on each side.

Can you match specific pantone colors?

squeegee-icon*Yes, everything is mixed by hand at redbird and we have the ability to match specific pantone ink colors.

Whats your turn around time?

squeegee-icon*Our turn around time is generally 7-12 business days from when the invoice and mock up is approved by the customer, but this can vary depending on quantity and complexity of the order.

Payments accepted?